Applied Poleramic, Inc. develops and manufactures resin formulations for composites based on epoxies, benzoxazines, bismaleimides, polyimides, cyanate esters, and ceramic precursors. Resin systems are offered for all composite manufacturing processes including infusion (VARTM, RTM, RFI), filament winding, pultrusion, laminating, and prepreg. A range of curing technologies is offered including thermal, UV, and E-beam.

A majority of the products are based on epoxy technology and hybrids of epoxy resins with other chemistries to achieve the necessary balance of processing and properties (e.g. strength vs. toughness). Innovative technologies have been developed at API to enable the development of the highest performance matrix resins from a range of proprietary toughening modifiers to a series of molecular fortifiers. Composite performance is enhanced through these matrices due to unique molecular and network design and morphology control (single phase, multiphase, IPN, etc.). Many API products have become industry standards and have been extensively studied (over 100 publications) and referenced in the literature.

Some of API’s innovative products include:
» Toughened Multiphase Ambient Temp. Cure Epoxy Matrices
» Clear “Water White” Epoxy Matrices
» High Modulus Resin Matrices
» Thermoformable Hybrid Resin Matrices
» Thermo-oxidative Stable Matrix Resins
» Matrices for Cryogenic Applications
» Micro-crack Resistant Resin Matrices
» Matrices for Radiation Shielding
» Thermally and Electrically Conductive Resin Matrices
» Ablative Matrix Materials
» Matrices for Ballistic/Armor Applications
» Matrices for FST Applications
» Structural Composite Repair Resins
» Ambient Temperature Processable Foams
» Fire Resistant Epoxy Foams
» Architectural Coating Resins
» Coatings for Cathodic Disbondment Resistance
» Thick Section Casting Resins
» Extremely Fast Cure Adhesives
» Toughened Tackifiers and Binders for Fibers/Fabrics


In response to industry needs, Applied Poleramic, Inc. continues to develop new technologies to advance composite performance and manufacturing. Through this investment and working in close collaboration with our customers we are able to develop materials that exceed expectations. By providing our customers with exactly what they want as opposed to force fitting a product to an application, API has maintained excellent customer loyalty. Good customer experiences and superior technology are what promote our products and services.