Applied Poleramic, Inc. was started in 1992 in response to a global demand for resin matrices for fiber reinforced composite materials. The conception of API was a result of the complex structure of large integrated composites corporations, which constrained custom and specialty product development. This coupled with extensive development time often exceeded the project time line. Accordingly, Applied Poleramic, Inc. was started as a result of these operational inefficiencies with a specific focus on the matrix component of fiber reinforced composite materials. As in the first days of Applied Poleramic, Inc., we continue to be at the forefront of new technology and set the pace in industry for development of new resin matrices. Educating our customers about matrix chemistry, morphology, and composite properties has been a priority since the inception of API. Rich Moulton, the founder of Applied Poleramic, Inc., has developed more composite materials that are flying than anyone else in the world. While Rich continues as one of the directors of Applied Poleramic, Inc., the company is now headed by Dr. Brian S. Hayes, President & CEO, and Mr. Doyle G. Dixon, Vice President.