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President: Richard Moulton

Vice President: Doyle Dixon



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Applied Poleramic Inc. (API) specializes in the development and manufacture of optimized composite materials for aerospace, marine and industrial markets.  API maximizes composite performance through molecular design of polymer backbones and morphology control (single phase, multiphase, IPN, etc.).

API is unique in the composites industry, being so widely diverse in polymer chemistry and composite applications.  Our experience allows us to customize our products in a very short time to meet our customer�s needs.  Our ability to give the customer exactly what they want allows us to maintain customer loyalty.  API has always maintained a zero advertising budget yet has continued to grow at a consistent rate.  Good customer experiences and superior technology are what promote our services and products and it is our low marketing overhead that allows our superior products to price competitive with our competitors.

Educating our customers with the truth about polymer chemistry, morphology, and composite properties has been our priority since conception of API.  Visit our bulletin "All About Epoxy" for an overview of frequently asked questions.  Or, email the Captain for answers to your own questions or with suggestions for future topics of interest.

Although a major portion of API products are based on epoxies, our different epoxy technologies are quite diverse and innovative:

  • Toughened Structural Epoxies

  • VARTM epoxies (Low viscosity)

  • Long Working Time Laminating Resins ( up to 4 days)

  • Radiation Cured Epoxies (UV and EB cured)

  • Epoxy Adhesives and Pastes

  • Flexible Epoxies