EH-103: Slow Epoxy Hardener




Product Description

EH-103 is a cycloaliphatic epoxy hardener that is compatible with

both ‘DR’ and ‘ER’ series resin systems. 


Mix resin and hardener thoroughly at specified ratio.  Resin can be heated slightly to lower viscosity.  Do not expose resin or hardener

to excessive moisture conditions until fully cured.  Post-cure part at 120oF for 2-3 hours before demolding to reduce epoxy brittleness.  Free stand post-cure part  slowly (20oF per 60 minute steps) to

160 oF  to achieve maximum strength.


• Large marine projects that require 8 hours of

  working time. 

* Large boating hulls have been successfully laminated and vacuum bagged in one application.   It is recommended to post-cure at 120oF before removing parts from mold.




Viscosity, cps @ 25oC


Weight per Gallon


Mix Ratio using ER or DR resins

100R : 22H by Weight

4R : 1H by Volume

Pot Life (150 grams @ 25oC)

180-200 minutes


Neat Resin Properties: Cured with DR-5,  24 hours @ RT, 3 hours @ 160oF

Flexural Modulus, Msi @ RT


Elongation @ Break, %


Hardness, Shore D


Glass Transition (Tg), oF



All data given is believed to be accurate based on the material tested.  Since the processing and testing is application and user specific, API has no assurance of how the product will be used and therefore cannot make any guarantees as to these properties or the final performance.

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