ER-2: General Epoxy Resin




Product Description

ER-2 is a low cost single phase resin system that is designed for applications where structural performance is not required above 120F.   ER-2 resin system works well on fiberglass, carbon, and Kevlar reinforcements.


Mix resin and hardener thoroughly at specified ratio.  Resin can be heated slightly to lower viscosity.  Do not expose resin or hardener to excessive moisture conditions until fully cured.  Resin will reach full strength with 14 days at 75 F when used with EH-101, EH-102, and EH-103.



• Marine and hand laminating projects

• Filament winding

• RTM processes

• Chemical resistant coatings

• Fairing material (when filled with  micro-ballons)


• EH-101, 102, 103 or 104 laminating hardeners

If application requires high delamination resistance, two phase ‘DR’ series resins should be considered.



Resin Properties

Morphology:  single continuous epoxy phase

Viscosity, cps @ 25oC


Epoxide Equivalent Weight (EEW)


Color (Gardener)

2 (max)

Weight per Gallon



Neat Resin Properties (cured with EH-101 for 7 days at 75 oF)

Flexural Modulus, Msi @ RT


Elongation @ Break, %


Hardness, Shore D


Glass Transition (Tg), oF



All data given is believed to be accurate based on the material tested.  Since the processing and testing is application and user specific, API has no assurance of how the product will be used and therefore cannot make any guarantees as to these properties or the final performance.

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