DR-ADTX / DH-AD: Thixotropic Adhesive Paste





General Description:

DR-ADTX is a thixotropic adhesive with fillers and fibers to allow excellent bondline control when bonding composite and metal structures. 

This two phase resin along with its internal coupling agents allows excellent adhesion to both fiberglass and metal parts.



Applications include: Honeycomb panel fabrication where low sag and good fillet formation is needed.  Bonding of metallic and fiberglass

reinforced composites.



Mix resin and hardener thoroughly at specified ratio.  Resin can be heated slightly to lower viscosity.  Do not expose resin or hardener to excessive moisture conditions until fully cured.  Post-cure adhesive to 140oF to achieve maximum cure and composite strength.  In cases of free standing post-cures, the part should be heated slowly (20-30oF per 30 minute steps) to prevent warpage.


Resin Properties:  

Morphology:  second elastomeric  phase in continuous epoxy phase

Viscosity Part A, cps @ 25oC  Thixotropic Paste

Viscosity of Hardener, cps @ 25oC  12,000 

Mix Ratio, by weight:   100R : 44B

Pot Life, 150 gr. mass @ 25C  80 minutes 

Neat Resin Properties:  Cured  24 hours @ RT,  3 hours @ 140oF

Flexural Modulus, Msi @ RT  .43 

Hardness, Shore D  80 

Glass Transition (Tg), oF  170o


The information herein is given in good faith and no warranty is implied as Applied Poleramic, Inc. can not foresee the nature of the final application nor the use location.

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